• El quinto piso 12
    Barbara Hogenboom

    If the past few months are an indication of what is to come, the emerging multipolar world is not only more complex but also much more unstable than expected. Violence has erupted in numerous places. Next to the massive Israeli attacks on Gaza, two conflicts stand out: Ukraine has become a stage of civil war as well as a foreign-armed interference, while in Iraq and Syria the Islamic State (IS) is successfully establishing a
    barbarian regime.
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  • Position open for an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR

  • CEDLA is looking for an assistant professor with a background in economics and Latin American studies who has done research on topics related to the insertion of Latin America in the global economy.
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    The Latin American Studies Programme (LASP), which is coordinated by CEDLA, has received a grant of 850.000€ from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). LASP is an interuniversity graduate programme dedicated to research and graduate education on Latin America. The common research aim of LASP is to understand and explain the key social, political, cultural and economic transformations in this region in the context of global developments. LASP applies a comprehensive and integrated approach that combines a range of theories and methods from the social sciences and the human

    LASP is the platform for collaboration of researchers from five academic institutions:
    1) Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation (CEDLA);
    2) Department of Cultural Anthropology of Utrecht University;
    3) Programme Group Governance for Inclusive Development of the University of Amsterdam;
    4) Department of Latin American Studies of Leiden University, and
    5) Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of VU University Amsterdam.

    The finances received from NWO are meant for the expansion of this interuniversitary collaboration. It will allow LASP to finance PhD projects of four of its most promising students.

  • CEDLA 50

    CEDLA Jubilee Seminar
    The Visible City
    8-9 October 2014

    This seminar aims to discuss the relationship between researchers and the Latin American city as subject and location of social-scientific research. The discussions will be guided by questions such as 'how do researchers visualise the empirical reality of today's Latin American cities? And what analytic challenges does this bring along?' + info
    Free Admission. Registration required because of lunch reservations. Please register before 1 October at secretariat@cedla.nl