• 18/06/18 LECTURE
    The Burden of Writing
    the Sorcerer's Burden

    Public Lecture by Prof Paul Stoller, West Chester University +INFO

  • 18/06/18 - 22/06/18

  • on ethnographic writing and blogging with Paul Stoller, Professor of Anthropology at West Chester University +INFO

  • 03/09/18 MASTER COURSE

  • Introduction Course: Democracy, Identity and Sustainable Development in Latin America +INFO

  • 04/09/18 MASTER COURSE

  • The course is designed as a seminar format in order to provide a collective platform to support the individual data analysis and writing process developed together with the supervisor. +INFO

  • 05/09/18 BACHELOR COURSE

  • Politics and Protest: The Latin American State and Social Movements +INFO

  • 29/10/18 BACHELOR COURSE

  • Socio-Environmental Changes in Latin America: Power, Participation and Governance +INFO

  • CEDLA Education Programme 2018-19

    CEDLA has a broad and interdisciplinary offer in courses, in which important Latin American topics are discussed. The courses are accessible for students of all Dutch universities and at a fee also for others interested. The different Bachelor courses can be combined into a Minor Latin American Studies of 30 ECTs. The Master courses aim to provide MA scholars with analytical tools, insights into theoretical approaches and empirical knowledge on the subject matter. 

  • Introduction Course: Democracy, Identity and Sustainable Development
    in Latin America

    This course introduces key subjects and approaches in contemporary Latin American Studies. The objective of this course is to provide students with a strong fundamental of academic perspectives. The course is built around the different disciplines and the research and research orientations within CEDLA+INFO


  • Environmental crime in Latin America

    This book is the first green criminology text to focus specifically on Latin America. Green criminology has always adopted a broad horizon and explicitly emphasised that environmental crimes and harms affect countries and cultures around the world. The chapters collected here illuminate and describe the “theft of nature” and the “poisoning of the land” in Latin America through and from processes of agro-industry expansion, biopiracy, legal and illegal trafficking of free-born non-human animals, and mining.

  • Find more books in our blog! In CEDLAlibrary you find news about our library and its collection, information on research updates, research resources and more +INFO