El quinto piso 4
Christien Klaufus

The road to the hereafter can be long and bumpy. Not just for the bereaved but also for the deceased. At least, that's the story that can be found on Colombian cemeteries. From the moment someone leaves this world, a new journey starts: from the home to the morgue to the place of wake, and then on to the ‘final’ destination. That ‘final’ destination, as it appears, has an itinerary of its own.
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CEDLA 50 years


Founded in 1964, CEDLA is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. To commemorate this special occasion, CEDLA is  organizing various events and activities throughout the year. Keep up to date by signing up for our newsletter.

  • Master of Arts in Latin American Studies 2 0 1 4 – 2 0 1 5

  • cmp

    The English-language CEDLA Master’s Programme (CMP) offers a small-scale, multi-disciplinary education in Latin American Studies. The CMP leads to a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree, lasts 15 months and earns 75 credits (ECs). Students spend approximately three months of the study in research training in Latin America. It is closely connected to the research programme of CEDLA.

    The CMP first familiarises students with the most important developments in the region, as well as the different theories and research debates about the causes and meanings of those developments, and the necessary methodologies to carry out academic research in Latin America. It then provides students with the opportunity of doing independent research in Latin America. Building upon their previous education and geared to their future plans, students can specialise in themes that are of particular interest to them through their choice of courses and research projects.

    Tuition for the CMP 2014-2015 is a fixed amount of € 2750 (i.e. the same for Dutch or foreign students, and for first or second Master). Students who successfully complete the first 40 of the total 75 ECTs within the required time limit are eligible for a research grant of maximum € 1000 to meet costs during their research in Latin America. Read more