• 28/09/18 CEDLA LECTURE

  • Outsmarting the Lords of Death: Resilient Memories in
    Latin America Today

    In his talk, Arij Ouweneel presents ideas of his new monograph Resilient Memories: Amerindian Cognitive Schemas in Latin American Art (Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University Press, 2018). +INFO

  • 19/10/18 SCHOLARSHIP

    The scholarships aim to support innovative research carried out in the fields of economic, political, or cultural relations between the Netherlands / Europe and Latin America. Each year two scholarships of 5,000 euros are awarded to promising young researchers from the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, or Latin America. +INFO

  • 29/10/18 MASTER COURSE

  • Socio-Environmental Changes in Latin America: Power, Participation and Governance
    This course familiarizes students with current academic debates on the effects of economic activities, political decisions and social conditions on the environment, and new trends of environmental governance in Latin America. +INFO

  • 31/10/18 BACHELOR COURSE

  • The Identity of the City in Latin America
    In this course students explore the workings of identification with, and within cities, making use of human-geographical and cultural studies. +INFO

  • 01/11/18 MASTER COURSE

  • Memories Need to Swim: Heritage and Myth-Making in Latin America This course discusses contemporary mythmaking by mnemonic communities in Latin America and traces its components of testimonials and narratives across time and space to interpret the present and look for a collective future. +INFO

  • New Publication in open access

    Land in urban debates: Unpacking the grab–development dichotomy

    Femke van Noorloos (UU)
    Christien Klaufus (CEDLA-UvA)
    Griet Steel (UU)

    First Published September 11, 2018 Research Article


    On the heels of the rural ‘land grab’ debate, the ongoing urban transition combined with large-scale urban infrastructure investments and land scarcity forces us to also pay more attention to issues of land in urban discussions. Yet how can we conceptualise land-related problems in order to connect and integrate rural and urban debates in overarching discussions of development? In this commentary, we argue for moving beyond the directly visible outcomes and presumed ‘culprits’ of land investments by critically analysing indirect and long-term effects of land acquisitions on people’s livelihoods as well as the differentiation of these effects for different actors. We propose three specific arguments to disentangle the grab–development dichotomy: 1) placing a focus on the sequential chain of effects of displacement; 2) paying more attention to the ambivalent roles and contradictory interests of different actors; and 3) taking the three-dimensional aspects of land development into account.


  • 23/11/18 Valedictory lecture of Michiel Baud, former director of CEDLA

    We have the pleasure of inviting you to the valedictory lecture of Michiel Baud, former director of CEDLA: Confianza : Governance and trust in Latin America and the Netherlands. The ceremony takes place on 23 November, 16.00 hrs, in the Aula of the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Oude Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411. Your presence will be highly appreciated.

  • Julienne Weegels defended her PhD thesis "cum laude"

    We are very proud of our CEDLA-AISSR PhD candidate Julienne Weegels, who defended her PhD thesis "cum laude" on 05/09/18. She is now joining us as a postdoctoral researcher, working on the evolving Nicaraguan carceral state and its expressions of sovereignty, both from above and 'from below'.