Latin American Studies:
    A Multidisciplinary Introduction

  • CEDLA Master Course
    Prof. dr. Barbara Hogenboom (coordinator) and CEDLA staff
    3 September – 25 October 2019
    Tuesday 13.00 – 17.00 hours

    Politics and Protest: The Latin American State and Social Movements

    CEDLA Bachelor Course
    Prof. dr. Barbara Hogenboom
    4 September – 25 October 2019
    Wednesday 13.00 – 16.00 hours Friday 11.00 – 13.00 hours


    On 6 September the exhibition "We Care" by Colombian photographer Luisa Machacón will open at CEDLA. Keep your eyes out for the event!

    15/09/19 LASP CONFERENCE

    Conference Launching of the Netherlands Research School Latin America Studies


    CEDLA is delighted to invite proposals for the conference, to take place on 17-18 April, 2020, in Amsterdam. Submissions for individual papers, panels, dialogues and roundtables has just opened and will close on 1 October 2019. +INFO

    04/10/19 LASP Conference: Latin America in Transition

    Registration is required and free of charge. Please register through this Google form by 15 September. If you have any questions you can write us at lasp@cedla.nl. We hope you can spread this announcements widely in your networks! +INFO

    18/10/19 GIGA (Hamburg): 100 Years of “La Bauhaus”
    Latin America’s unexpected influence on the Bauhaus tradition in Germany

  • CEDLA Lecture
    Prof. Dr. Bert Hoffmann | GIGA

    Socio-Environmental Changes in Latin America: Power, Participation and Governance

    CEDLA Master Course
    Dr. Fábio de Castro (coordinator), Prof. dr. Barbara Hogenboom and Prof. dr. Rutgerd Boelens
    28 October – 16 December 2019
    Monday 13.00 – 16.00 hours

    Memories Need to Swim: Heritage and Myth-Making in Latin America

    CEDLA Master Course
    Dr. Arij Ouweneel (coordinator) and Dr. Christien Klaufus
    1 November – 20 December 2019
    Friday 12.00 – 15.00 hours

  • Summer Opening hours CEDLA library

    Will be closed from 22 July to 9 August

  • New Bachelor Courses 2019-2020

  • Study the society, culture, politics and history of Latin America: a complex and multi-faceted region that is not always easy to understand. Far-reaching economic reforms and rapid urbanization coexist with peasant societies. The modernisation of society and the consequences of economic and cultural globalisation have simultaneously demonstrated a new vitality of the indigenous peoples and their culture. Democratic and authoritarian tendencies exist side by side in politics, and often lead to surprising results and outcomes. 
    CEDLA has a broad and interdisciplinary offer in courses, in which these current developments in Latin America, as well as their historical backgrounds are discussed and closely linked to the research of CEDLA staff members. The courses are accessible for students of all Dutch universities and in some cases at a fee also for others interested. +INFO

  • CEDLA-UvA Master Latin American Studies

    The CEDLA-UvA Master Latin American Studies offers a multi-disciplinary Master of Arts programme in Latin American Studies, and is given in English. The programme lasts 15 months and earns 75 European credits.


    We Care explore those deep familiar relationships and intergenerational connections. The 15 portraits and poetry that are part of this exhibition are a reflection of how daily life activities can become rituals of reflection about femininity, erotism and a way to transmit oral traditions from one generation to the other.Diana Agámez & Luisa Machacón bring to the spotlights the rupture in the orality, familiar laces and traditions that arises when women in the Latin American society need economic independence and there is not enough time to work and take care of the elders. This photography & poetry exhibition will be open to the public from 6th September at CEDLA +INFO