• “Portraits from the gold mine”
    A visual essay by Luciana Massaro
    The exhibition shows the portraits of different figures involved in small-scale mining in the Vale do Rio Peixoto, state of Mato Grosso (Brazil) +INFO


    Admission is based on an intake interview. A maximum of 15 to 20 students is admitted to the CMP on a yearly basis. The CMP begins in the first week of September. +INFO

  • 18/05/18 CEDLA LECTURE

    Shantytowns and Urban Commons in Buenos Aires (1943-1972)
    Adriana Laura Massidda
    CEUR- CONICET, Buenos Aires

  • 8/06/18 CEDLA LECTURE

    “Ex-presidents do not go away”:
    the dominance of known faces and its impact on Latin American politics
    Javier Corrales, Amherst College

  • 18/06/2018 - 22/06/2018 SUMMER WORKSHOP

  • on ethnographic writing and blogging with Paul Stoller, Professor of Anthropology at West Chester University +INFO

  • REGISTER NOW: Application deadline May 15

    CEDLA’s Master’s programme is embedded in CEDLA’s constitutive disciplines. In the same manner as CEDLA’s research programme, the CMP’s multidisciplinary ambitions derive from the premise that only a sound disciplinary basis with its concomitant theoretical foundations will allow satisfactory multidisciplinary or comparative research. It is intended to reveal the particular characteristics of social, cultural and political processes in Latin America from a longer-term, historical approach, as well as from the awareness that Latin America cannot be regarded in isolation from global and comparative developments. +INFO


  • Baron de Vastey and the origins of Black Atlantic humanism / Marlene Daut

    Focusing on the influential life and works of the Haitian political writer and statesman, Baron de Vastey (1781-1820), in this book Marlene L. Daut examines the legacy of Vastey’s extensive writings as a form of what she calls black Atlantic humanism, a discourse devoted to attacking the enlightenment foundations of colonialism. Daut argues that Vastey, the most important secretary of Haiti’s King Henry Christophe, was a pioneer in a tradition of deconstructing colonial racism and colonial slavery that is much more closely associated with twentieth-century writers like W.E.B. Du Bois, Frantz Fanon, and Aimé Césaire.


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  • Portraits from the gold mine

    A visual essay by Luciana Massaro. The exhibition shows the portraits of different figures involved in small-scale mining in the Vale do Rio Peixoto (Brazil) +INFO