• 19/10/18 SCHOLARSHIP

    The scholarships aim to support innovative research carried out in the fields of economic, political, or cultural relations between the Netherlands / Europe and Latin America. Each year two scholarships of 5,000 euros are awarded to promising young researchers from the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, or Latin America. +INFO

  • 29/10/18 MASTER COURSE

  • Socio-Environmental Changes in Latin America: Power, Participation and Governance
    This course familiarizes students with current academic debates on the effects of economic activities, political decisions and social conditions on the environment, and new trends of environmental governance in Latin America. +INFO

  • 31/10/18 BACHELOR COURSE

  • The Identity of the City in Latin America
    In this course students explore the workings of identification with, and within cities, making use of human-geographical and cultural studies. +INFO

  • 31/10/18 THESIS AWARD

  • NALACS Thesis Award
    Have you recently written your Master's thesis on a Latin American or Caribbean topic while enrolled in a Dutch educational institution? Then send us your thesis before OCT 31st 2018 and you may receive an award and a cash prize of €250! +INFO

  • 01/11/18 MASTER COURSE

  • Memories Need to Swim: Heritage and Myth-Making in Latin America This course discusses contemporary mythmaking by mnemonic communities in Latin America and traces its components of testimonials and narratives across time and space to interpret the present and look for a collective future. +INFO

  • 02/11/18 CEDLA LECTURE

  • From Partial to Full Conflict Theory: A Neo-Weberian Portrait of
    the Venezuela Crisis

    David Smilde
    Tulane University and WOLA
    Discussion of Venezuela during the twenty years of Chavismo has been dominated by pluralist versus neo-Marxist perspectives. The current deep crisis in the country has only deepened the contrasts in this debate. +INFO

  • 23/11/18 Valedictory lecture
    of Michiel Baud, former director of CEDLA

  • Confianza: Governance and trust in Latin America and the Netherlands
    The ceremony takes place on 23 November, 16.00 hrs, in the Aula of the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Oude Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411

  • NEW CEDLA FILMS: “Xela Stories of Transformation”

    The market between disorder and informal organization by Michiel Baud

    The local press, shop owners, residents and local entrepreneurs regularly complain about the informality of the markets. Some of their complaints are real. A deadly fire inside the Minerva market last year testifies to that, just as the dangerous traffic situations everyone can see. But they ignore the informal organization within the markets, the varied ways in which it allows the market to keep functioning every day. Can we understand these processes through the concept of the commons? That is the question we try to answer!

    and watch more videos on our You Tube Channel

  • CEDLA Exposition: “Xela Stories of Transformation”

    For the first time in CEDLA’s history, seven of its researchers conducted fieldwork together. This exposition reflects this collective endeavour to explore recent social transformations in the Guatemalan city of Xela (also known as Quetzaltenango) and its immediate (peri-urban) vicinity. Using the notions of ‘commons’ and ‘commoning’ as point of departure, the project seeks to understand processes of commoning that shape patterns of access, resource use and reproduction. READ THE BLOGS

  • Annual report of 2017

    For CEDLA, 2017 was a year of three major transitions. Firstly, as a result of the on-going integration into the Facultyof Humanities of the University of Amsterdam, most of its services have now been adapted to the Faculty’s organization. Secondly, with the successful conclusion of the research programme “Natural and Cultural Resource Use in Contemporary
    Latin America” (2009-2016), a new and exciting research programme under the title
    “Reshaping Society and the Commons in Latin America” has been initiated, in which
    processes of commoning and recommoning are being studied as examples of new forms
    of citizen participation in Latin American societies. Further reading

  • New Publication in open access

    Inside Out: Confinement, Revolt and Repression in Nicaragua
    October 3, 2018
    PoLAR, Series
    By Julienne Weegels

    In this online piece for APLA, CEDLA postdoc Julienne Weegels explores the ways in which the repression of the current protests in Nicaragua has brought many of the well-hidden inner workings of its power system into public view.

    Taking her research in prison as a point of entry, she connects the evolving techniques of cauterization and confinement deployed against the protesters to the development of Nicaragua's carceral state and its (largely extralegal) system of powers. This development, she argues, has eroded the revolutionary project from the inside out.

    Julienne Weegels is a postdoctoral researcher at the CEDLA at the University of Amsterdam. She has conducted extensive research inside and around Nicaragua’s prison system, working with prisoners and former prisoners of two facilities (a penitentiary and a police jail). Her research focuses on (former) prisoners’ experience of imprisonment and the state, of violence and ‘change of attitude’ – leading to her manuscript ‘Performing Prison: Power, Agency, and Co-Governance in Nicaraguan Prisons’. She is much interested in the politics of (dis)order, intimacy of power, and public secrecy. At present she is developing a research project on Nicaraguan practices of justice and sovereignty from below.


  • 23/11/18 Valedictory lecture of Michiel Baud, former director of CEDLA

    We have the pleasure of inviting you to the valedictory lecture of Michiel Baud, former director of CEDLA Confianza : Governance and trust in Latin America and the Netherlands. The ceremony takes place on 23 November, 16.00 hrs, in the Aula of the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Oude Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411. Your presence will be highly appreciated.