• 10/12/13 Linking up with Latin America:
    opportunities for small-scale entrepeneurship

    CASA would like to invite you to an alumni event
    on small-scale entrepeurnship between
    the Netherlands and Latin America.

    What are the possibilities of starting your own small-scale business when you have graduated at CEDLA?
    We will address the opportunities and the possible difficulties in an informal meeting on Tuesday 10 December, from 16.30 to 18.30 hours.
    Guest speakers will be Madelon Eelderink, CMP alumna and found of 7senses and Nop Duys, founder of Novilúnio Brazil Consultancy and active blogger.

    The meeting will be held on CEDLA’s new location: the Van Tienhovengebouw. The CEDLA classroom is on the second floor.
    Of course we will leave plenty of time for drinks afterwards, so you can catch up with your fellow alumni.

CASA: CEDLA Alumni Society Amsterdam

CASA’s main aim is to bring alumni together from different years to celebrate our knowledge and diversity. CEDLA has opened its doors to facilitate the networking of its alumni and provide a platform through CASA activities to share our knowledge with each other, the CEDLA staff, current CMP-students and scholars in the field. We get together informally twice a year, and host activities at CEDLA regularly.

Members of the current CASA board are:
Max Wohlgemuth Kitselaar (Alumnus 2007-8)
Julienne Weegels (Alumna 2008-9)
Bente van de Nes (Alumna 2010-11)
Pitou van Dijck (current CMP-coordinator)

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