General Information CEDLA Education Programme

CEDLA has a broad and interdisciplinary offer in courses, in which important Latin American topics are discussed and are closely linked to the research of CEDLA staff members. The courses are accessible for students of all Dutch universities and at a fee also for others interested.

The different Bachelor courses can be combined into a Minor Latin American Studies of 30 ECTs. The minor can serve as a preparation for the CEDLA Master’s Programme in Latin American Studies. The minor consists of several Bachelor courses, which maybe supplement with a literature assignment. Following the introductory course Understanding Latin America Today is an obligatory part of the Minor. Therefore, students who intent to follow the Minor programme should register timely for this course.

CEDLA also offers alternative education activities, such as intensive seminars and guided reading classes (lecturas guiadas). Furthermore, CEDLA staff members can also be available to supervise internships, fieldwork in Latin America or the writing of a thesis.

Registration and Participation
The CEDLA courses are firstly aimed at students. Others interested are welcome at some courses. With all courses a general knowledge on Latin America is assumed, preferably obtained through participation in the introductory course Understanding Latin America Today. MA courses are only open for non-students with a finished BA or MA degree. Because of limited places in each course, it is advised to register timely.

Registration is required to be enrolled in a course. Most courses have a maximum number of participants. If there are too many registrations, a selection will be made. In this case, students will have priority over non-students. Students are required to be present at all lectures, absence must be reported beforehand. If a student did not attend enough classes, this student can be excluded from taking the final examination.

Knowledge of Spanish and/or Portuguese is required for some of the courses. A basic knowledge of these languages is also useful for the other courses as this makes it easier to study the literature. There are no costs involved in registering for the student, or for his/her university. But the costs of photocopies, books or syllabi are for the students themselves.

UvA Students
Students registered at the University of Amsterdam can register for the CEDLA courses through SIS.

Students registered at other Dutch universities
Students that are registered at another Dutch university can register as a guest student (‘ bijvakstudent’) at the University of Amsterdam in Studielink.

Persons who are interested in our courses, but are not registered as students at a university, may participate in some courses under certain provisions. Those interested, should provide the secretariat with some information on their background, their background knowledge and their special interest in taking the course. Non-students can register for the courses through our digital registration form.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the CEDLA secretariat. We are open on weekdays from 9.00 to 17.00 hours.

Telephone: +31 20 525 3498