Research Fellows at CEDLA

Dr Javier Corrales Dr Javier Corrales, May – July 2019

Research Fellow & Assistant Professor
Professor of Political Science
Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts

Javier Corrales is Dwight W. Morrow Professor and Chair of Political Science at Amherst College, in Amherst, Massachusetts. He will be at CEDLA from May to early July 2019 working on a new research project on polarization in Latin America, with a focus on the role of incumbents, expresidents and newcomers running for office and to teach a course on The Politics of Commodity Dependence: Oil, Mining, and Drug Trade in Latin America. He is also doing ongoing research on contemporary politics in Venezuela and Colombia.

Andrea Mora April – August 2019

low income settlements, marginalized settlements, the social production of space, urban consolidation processes, infrastructure and collective spaces. Andrea Mora is an urban researcher who was academically trained in Human Geography and Urban Planning.

In his research, he mainly focuses on space production, significations and transformations in the tension between institutionalized practices and informal practices in Europe and Latin America. He is also interested in urbanization processes analysed through the Practice-Based Studies perspective. In his PhD dissertation, Andrea addresses Peruvian urbanization issues, questioning how institutionalized actors deal with low income and marginalized settlements at the urban fringe and how people which are settled in those places struggle to achieve better living conditions. Specifically, he analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the process of urban consolidation occurring in those areas, with a focus in infrastructures, collective spaces and working practices called Faenas Comunales in Spanish.