Research Fellows at CEDLA

Dr Marjo de Theije Dr Marjo de Theije

Research Fellow & Associate Professor
Cultural Anthropology , VU University Amsterdam and part-time member of the CEDLA research staff

Dr Javier Corrales Dr Javier Corrales

Research Fellow & Assistant Professor
Professor of Political Science
Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts

Dr Javier Corrales José Luiz Ratton

Department of Sociology, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
Fellow at CEDLA October 2015 to October 2016



Priscila Tamara Menezes Dias, MA

CEDLA and NAEA are concluding a collaborative research project entitled "Formal and Informal Practices of Natural Resource Use and Management in the Amazon". +INFO

Dr Juarez Brito Pezutti

Dr. Juarez Pezutti (NAEA-UFPA, Brazil) has worked with Dr. Fábio de Castro (CEDLA) and the doctorate candidate Fernanda Romagnoli (NAEA-UFPA) on a research addressing local initiatives to protect aquatic wildlife resources, particularly freshwater turtles, in the Lower Amazon. This study is part of the research project ‘Formal and Informal Practices of Natural Resource Use and Management in the Amazon’, coordinated by CEDLA and NAEA-UFPA, and funded by NUFFIC (The Netherlands), and CAPES (Brazil). +INFO

Dr Mônica A. Haddad

Department of Community and Regional Planning, Iowa State University, Unites States
Mônica A. Haddad spent three months at CEDLA as a research fellow working on a project about environmental planning in Brazil. Specifically, the ultimate goal of her research project is to develop and implement a framework focusing on the environmental dimension of urbanization, to support the City Statute, which is a federal law enacted in 2001 that covers urban planning. +INFO

Professor Eduardo Silva

Eduardo Silva, Friezo Family Foundation Chair in Political Science, Senior Research Associate of the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research, and Graduate Director of the Political Science Department at Tulane University was a visiting professor at CEDLA in June and July of 2015. +INFO