Dr Fabio de CastroDr Fábio de Castro

Senior Lecturer
Research Theme: Brazilian Studies and Human Ecology
Tel. +31 20 525 3257; Email:
Office hours: by appointment

Fábio de Castro is Assistant Professor of Brazilian Studies. He is an environmental anthropologist with MSc in Ecology in 1992 (State University of Campinas, Brazil) and PhD in Environmental Science/Anthropology in 2000 (Indiana University, USA).  Fabio has research experience with academic, non-governmental and governmental organizations in Brazil and in the United States.

He is a collaborating researcher at the Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change (Indiana University, USA), and at the Center for Maritime Research (MARE), University of Amsterdam).

Fábio is interested in the socio-ecological processes shaping patterns of resource use and management. His research focuses on local governance of natural resource and the dilemma between conservation and development goals at local and broader scales. His interdisciplinary background is reflected in his theoretical and methodological approach, combining ethnographic, historical, socioeconomic, institutional and ecological data to understand how patterns of resource use are shaped and transformed. Fabio is particularly interested in the connections between processes across socio-ecological scales, and how partnerships between users, government and private sectors influence resource conservation.

Research interests

Fábio de Castro has conducted research in many different sites in the Amazon and Atlantic Forest in Brazil. He is currently working on two main projects:

1) Political ecology of the implementation of agro-extractive reserves in the Amazonian floodplain
a. Institutional arrangement of co-management systems
b. Participatory and collaborative process
c. Social and ecological performance of the reserves

2) Socio-ecological dimension of the biodiesel program in Brazil
a. Institutional framework of the biodiesel program
b. Social relations between farmers, biodiesel producers and the governmental agencies
c. Economic and social performance of the feedstock production (oil seeds) by small farmers

3) Territorial governance of protected areas in Brazil
a. Compilation of protected areas
b. Institutional arrangement of different categories of protected areas
c. Comparison with land governance for agrarian development

Recent publications of Dr Fábio de Castro

— (2012) ‘Multi-scale environmental citizenship: Traditional populations and protected areas in Brazil’ in A. Latta and H. Wittman (eds), Environmental and Citizenship in Latin America: Natures, Subjects, and Struggles. CEDLA Latin America Studies 101. New York: Berghahn Books, pp. 39-58.

— (2012) ‘Between Cooperation and Conflict: The Implementation of Agro-Extractive Settlements in the Lower Amazon Floodplain’ in E. Brondizio and E. Moran (eds), Human-Environment Interactions: Current and Future Directions. Dordrecht: Springer, pp.213-234.

— (2011) 'Environmental Governance in Latin America: Towards an Integrative Research Agenda' with Michiel Baud and Barbara Hogenboom. European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 90, April 2011, pp. 78-88.

— (2009) Patterns of resource use by caboclo communities in the Middle-Lower Amazon. In: C. Adams, W. Neves, R. Murrieta, M. Harris eds. Amazonian Peasant Societies: Modernity and Invisibility. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

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— (2002) (with Futemma, C., Silva-Forsberg, M.C. and Ostrom, E.). The emergence and outcomes of collective actions: An institutional and ecosystem approach. Society and Natural Resource 15(6): 503-522.

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