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Research Theme: Brazilian Studies
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Kees Koonings (1957) is (part time) Professor of Brazilian Studies at the University of Amsterdam and member of the CEDLA teaching and research staff. He graduated in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies at Utrecht University in 1982 and received his Ph.D. in Social Sciences at Utrecht University in 1994. He is also an Associate Professor in Development Studies and Latin American Studies in the department of Anthropology at Utrecht University.

Research interests

His research on Brazil has included work on regional economic and social development in Rio Grande do Sul and Bahia, urban politics and participatory governance in Porto Alegre, the military and democratic transition, and - currently -  urban violence and insecurity in Rio de Janeiro. He is also researching  the armed conflict and peace process in Colombia. Addditionally, his research interests include poverty and social exclusion, ethnicity, and the political economy of development in Brazil and Latin America.

Selected publications of Prof Dr Kees Koonings

‘New Violence, Insecurity, and the State. Comparative Reflections on Latin America and Mexico.’ In Wil Pansters, ed. Violence, Coercion, and State-Making in Twenthieth-Century Mexico. The Other Half of the Centaur. Stanford: Stanford University Press; pp. 255-278 (2012)

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‘Strengthening Citizenship in Brazil’s Democracy: Local Participatory Governance in Porto
Alegre’ Bulletin of Latin American Research 23(1); pp. 79-99 (2004)

Armed Actors: Organised Violence and  State Failure in Latin America. London: Zed Books (ed., with Introduction, with Dirk Kruijt) (2004)

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A lavoura dos pobres : Tobacco Farming and the Development of Commercial  Agriculture
in Bahia, 1870-1930’ (with Michiel Baud) Journal of Latin American Studies 31(2); pp. 287-329 (1999)