Dr Annelou YpeijDr Marjo de Theije

Research Fellow & Associate Professor
Cultural Anthropology , VU University Amsterdam and part-time member of the CEDLA research staff
Office hours: by appointment

Marjo de Theije is associate professor at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of VU University Amsterdam and part-time member of the CEDLA research staff. She received her Ph.D. in Social Sciences at Utrecht University in 1999. Currently she is also the academic director of VU Brasil Academic Program at VU University and coordinates several international research projects.

Research interests

In her current research she focuses on the cultural, social, economic, and environmental aspects of small scale gold mining in the Amazon region (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Suriname). Uncontrolled polluting activities of small-scale gold mining often threaten the livelihoods of indigenous peoples. Cross-border tensions arise when miners from one country invade another, or smuggle gold between countries. With the recent instability in the world economy driving up the price of gold, and with mining techniques becoming more mechanized, the scale of the impact is increasing. Few national governments know how to respond to these developments and evidence-based policy responses are urgently required. These are what this project aims to provide. For more information, see www.gomiam.org Marjo de Theije also works on transnational religion, the role of national borders and, more general, migration in the Guyanas.

Selected publications of Dr Marjo de Theije

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