Prof Dr Michiel BaudProf Dr Michiel Baud

Research Theme: History
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Michiel Baud was Director of CEDLA (from April 2000 - January 2018). He is Professor in Latin American Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He graduated in Contemporary History at the University of Groningen in 1982 and received his Ph.D. cum laude in Social Sciences at Utrecht University in 1991. From 1995 to 2000 he was Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Leiden.

Research interests

His Ph.D research was carried out in the Dominican Republic, where he studied the social history of a tobacco producing peasantry in the northern part of the country. In doing so he combined traditional historical documentary research with anthropological fieldwork techniques. After finishing his Ph. D he did research in southern Ecuador and North-Eastern Brazil.

His current research interests are indigenista ideologies and their influence on present-day academic interpretations of the Andes, the role of ethnic movements in Latin American politics, the social history of Latin American borders, the analysis of Latin American modernity and the construction of collective memories in present-day Latin America.

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