CEDLA offers different master courses, which are open to Master students from all Dutch universities, and (against a compensation of 25 euros per ECTS) also for nonstudents with a finished BA or MA degree. Because of limited places in each course, it is advised to register several months or weeks in advance. CEDLA also offers the CEDLA Master’s Programme (CMP). This programme lasts 15 months and familiarises students with the most important developments in the region, as well as the different theories and research debates about the causes and meanings of those developments, and the necessary methodologies to carry out academic research in Latin America.

The Master courses aim to provide MA scholars with analytical tools, insights into theoretical approaches and empirical knowledge on the subject matter. Lectures and literature stimulate participants to distinguish multi-disciplinary perspectives. By discussing literature as part of the curriculum, students are trained to develop critical views both verbally as well as in writing. The examination at the end of the course tests the understanding of the course material and the capability to summarise material, and to write an English language academic report. Students that extend their participation in a course by writing a full paper are required to do so by formulating an academic question, constructing a framework to approach the research question, and to work towards a clear presentation of the issues and the formulation of conclusions and reflections.







Oil and Drugs in Venezuela and Colombia Compared



General Registration
Registration is required to be enrolled in a course. Most courses have a maximum number of participants. If there are too many registrations, a selection will be made. In this case, students will have priority over non-students. It is advisable to register as soon as possible. If there is a waiting list, all students who have registered will be requested to formally withdraw from the registration list, if they do not intent to follow the course, so that others on the waiting list can be enrolled. If a student does not withdraw and does not take the course after all, this student will be placed at the bottom of the list at the next registration period. Students are required to be present at all lectures, absence must be reported beforehand. If a student did not attend enough classes, this student can be excluded from taking the final examination. Knowledge of Spanish and/or Portuguese is required for some of the courses. A basic knowledge of these languages is also useful for the other courses as this makes it easier to study the literature. There are no costs involved in registering for the student, or for his/her university. But the costs of photocopies, books or syllabi are for the students themselves.

Registration for UvA Students
Students registered at the University of Amsterdam can suscribe for the CEDLA courses through SIS. Visit the UvA Course Catalogue and look for the courses that you want to register for. Add the courses to the planner, using the ‘Register’ button. To be able to do this, you need to be logged on with your UvA NET ID. Go to Planner, check the boxes of the courses and click on the ‘Register’ button. You can only register for a course when the registration period is open; the selection box will be available then. After registration you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. In the tab ‘Overview Registrations’ you will find an overview of all the courses that you are registered for.

Registration for non-UvA Students
Students that are registered at another Dutch university can register by filling out the electronic registration for each particular course. All students will be asked to show a valid proof of registration at a Dutch university for the current academic year. Everyone who has registered will receive a confirmation of enrolment by email before the course starts. If the student cannot show a valid proof of registration at a Dutch university, CEDLA cannot provide the student with an exam note. Those students who wish to take CEDLA courses at the Master’s level must have already completed their Bachelor’s.

Registration for Non-Students
Persons who are interested in our courses, but are not registered as students at a university, may participate in some courses under certain provisions. Those interested, should provide the secretariat with some information on their background, their background knowledge and their special interest in taking the course. Non-students can register for the course through the website, and then pay for the course by transferring the correct amount to the giro account of CEDLA. The amount due should be paid in full no later than one week before the start of the course. The cost of a CEDLA Bachelor course is €30.00 per credit, the Master courses cost €50.00 per credit. The amount due should be transferred to IBAN number NL51INGB0004990722, and made payable to Centrum voor studie en documentatie van Latijns Amerika, Amsterdam. Please make sure you also give your name and the title of the selected course with your payment transfer.