Master's Thesis Latin American Studies

Course lecturer: Dr. Annelou Ypeij
Periode: 1.1, 1.2 Semester
Course load: EC: 24
Course ID: 180421015Y

Writing of the thesis is supported by Thesis Course 2. TC2 consists of five meetings, organized every two weeks. During the meetings, progress in data analysis and writing are discussed and shared, as are possible problems and their solutions A few days before each meeting, students submit an assignment to the tutor/supervisor. These assignments are the different chapters of the student’s thesis. The students discuss these chapters with their supervisor. After the TC2 students continue the writing of the thesis under guidance of their supervisor.

Upon successful completion of their Master thesis students will be:

- capable of applying their knowledge and understanding of Latin American societies and how developments there are studied within Latin American studies in new, unknown circumstances and of formulating and conducting scholarly and socially relevant research, describing, critiquing and analysing the research subject, making a well-reasoned choice of a research plan and methodology, analysing, processing and interpreting research data, transposing the re-search results in a thesis according to all standards of scholarship in the social sciences and humanities (data presentation, analysis and interpretation, scientific integrity). (Dublin Descriptor: Applying Knowledge and Understanding);
- capable of handling complexity and formulate judgements based on limited information and reflect on social-scientific and ethical - responsibilities related to the application of their knowledge and judgements. (Dublin Descriptor: Judgements);
- have academic skills that enable them to participate in and adopt a clear and critical position in academic discussions, express themselves in academic terms have the skills to obtain and process knowledge and research results through self-direction and autonomous action. (Dublin Descriptor: Learning Skills).

This is the final part of the Research Project and starts after the Thesis Course 1 and the Fieldwork. Thesis Course 2 supports the writing of the thesis but doesn't cover the whole process.

Form of instruction and assessment
Thesiscourse: 5 meetings, every 15 days, starting around August 15. Individual meetings with supervisor.
The first draft of the thesis is due by 15 November. The final version of the thesis has to be ready on December 1.

For the examination dates please consult the timetable on
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