CEDLA Master's Programme

The CEDLA Master’s Programme (CMP) offers a multi-disciplinary Master of Arts programme in Latin American Studies, and is given in English. The CMP lasts 15 months and earns 75 European credits (ECTS). Attention is given to the most important issues in the region, including the characteristics of the Latin American continent, and the way in which recent processes of globalization have changed the conditions in the region. As part of their research project, students will conduct fieldwork in Latin America for three months. Students who successfully earn 40 ECTs within the set time limit are eligible for a research grant of €1000 for expenses incurred during their research in Latin America. The CMP is a post-initial Master’s and has been accredited by the NVAO. It is registered with the Central Register of Higher Educational Schooling (CROHO).


CEDLA’s Master’s programme is “an attractive master's programme, which is unique in Europe”, offered by “one of Europe’s leading institutes in Latin American studies”. +INFO

Contents and structure

CEDLA’s Master’s programme is embedded in CEDLA’s constitutive disciplines. In the same manner as CEDLA’s research programme, the CMP’s multidisciplinary ambitions derive from the premise that only a sound disciplinary basis with its concomitant theoretical foundations will allow satisfactory multidisciplinary or comparative research. It is intended to reveal the particular characteristics of social, cultural and political processes in Latin America from a longer-term, historical approach, as well as from the awareness that Latin America cannot be regarded in isolation from global and comparative developments. +INFO

Research project

In terms of ECs and time input, the Research Project accounts for over half the programme and may be considered the core of the CMP. The research project trajectory is divided into three stages: Thesis Course 1 and writing of the research proposals; field research in Latin America; and Thesis Course 2. As students are encouraged to conduct research in accordance with their own interests and to elaborate relevant and innovative ideas, the research project trains students in the skills of analysis, critical assessment and design. +INFO

Extra Curricular Activities

CASA’s is the CMP alumni association. It aims at bringing CMP alumni, currents students and staff members together and wishes to provide a platform through CASA activities.


    Master Latijns Amerika Studies (CROHO)
    Subject: Latin american Studies
    Post-initial Master Programme
    75 ECs
    Duration: 1 September - 1 December following year
    Full time version
    Language: English
    Location: CEDLA
    Accredited by NVAO
    Accredited Organizations of
    the Netherlands & Flanders
    Registration Number CROHO: 75015

  • Application and Admission

    Please note that the deadline for non-European applicants who require a student visa has expired +INFO

  • NFP Grant

    Students of the CEDLA Master's Programme (CMP) are now eligible for the NUFFIC Fellowship Programme (NFP). The NFP is meant for professionals who are nationals of and work and live in one of the 51 NFP countries. +INFO

  • Tuition and Research Grant

    Tuition for the entire course of study is €3,500. Course fees for participation in the CMP should be deposited before 1 August +INFO