CEDLA Master's Programme Latin American Studies

The Master’s in Latin American Studies offers you an international and research-driven programme of 15 months. It deals with societal transformations in the region from a multidisciplinary and social-science perspective. It provides critical knowledge, academic skills and in-depth understanding of the academic literature. You are trained to become an autonomous researcher who can work in new, unknown circumstances according to all standards of scholarships in the social sciences and humanities.

The programme is research-driven. You develop your own research plan and conduct a three-months’ fieldwork in the region. You follow mandatory courses, but you have also free space to fill with a tutorial, an elective or an external course. This helps you to develop yourself in your own direction, benefit from earlier experiences and become an expert in a certain field/region/country. This intensive and multidisciplinary programme attracts students from all over the world, so you will participate in an international classroom and community.

The Master’s Latin American Studies is an accredited, post-initial degree programme. After successful completion, you will receive a legally accredited Master’s degree and the title Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MA).


“The CEDLA Master’s Programme is great for anyone who is interested in Latin America. The interdisciplinary staff is specialized in a wide range of research topics that make it possible to broaden your knowledge. CEDLA feels like a family. It offers support to build your academic career and is a good place to study.”
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Gaya Nikolsky (CMP 2016-2017)


The student’s research project forms the core of the programme. Students choose their own research topic and country or collaborate with a staff member in her/his research project. The research project consists of three parts: a preparatory stage in which student’s develop their research ideas in a research proposal, the actual field research in Latin America and – once back in the Netherlands - the writing of the thesis. Next the research project students follow introductory and thematic courses and/or a tutorial.
In terms of credits, the program comprises of 75 ECTS, divided as follows:
Introduction Course – 10 ECTS
Thematic courses (mandatory and elective) and tutorial – 24 ECTS
Research Project (stages I to III) – 41 ECTS Further reading

Studying at CEDLA

CEDLA is considered to be one of Europe’s leading institutes in Latin American studies. Its staff members are experienced researcher and qualified teachers. CEDLA has a large library with a unique collection. Facilities such as student’s workstations, computer access and lecture rooms are excellent.

CEDLA is located at the UvA University campus Roeterseiland and easy to reach with public transport. In its direct surroundings one can find lunchrooms, a cinema and the UvA’s cultural center.

CEDLA is pivotal to the Latin American Studies community in the Netherlands. It publishes an academic journal, organizes monthly lectures and many other events. It houses NALACS and LASP.






    Master Latin American Studies
    Post-initial Master Programme
    75 ECTS
    Duration: 1 September - 1 December following year
    Full time
    Accredited by NVAO
    Institute: CEDLA/UvA
    Registration no. CROHO: 75015
    Name CHOHO: Master Latijns Amerika Studies

  • Application and Admission

    The CMP is primarily intended for students with a Master’s or doctoral degree in the social sciences and humanities. Students with a different Master’s degree and good students with a B.A. degree may also apply, but are asked to write a research proposal as part of their application. Admission is based on an intake interview. The CMP begins in the first week of September. +INFO

  • NFP Grant

    The NUFFIC Fellowship Programme (NFP). The NFP is meant for professionals who are nationals of and work and live in one of the 51 NFP countries. This scholarships entails the coverage of your tuition fee, a monthly allowance, (part of) your travel expenses to the Netherlands and back, your health insurance, and a one-time allowance for study materials.  +INFO

  • Tuition and Research Grant

    Tuition for the entire course of study is €3,500. Course fees for participation in the CMP should be deposited before 1 August. Students who successfully complete the first 40 ECTs of the total 75 ECTs within the required time limit may apply to CEDLA for a research grant of up to € 1,000 to meet costs during their research in Latin America.+INFO

  • Career prospects

    The Master’s Latin American Studies provides a solid foundation for a career at research institutes, non-governmental and governmental organizations and civil society agencies both within the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, it serves as a good starting point for a PhD position and the pursuit of an academic career. Several alumni have also started their own development project, established NGOs, founded their own businesses or work as an independent consultant and a writer.