CEDLA Master's Programme > Application and Admission

The CMP is primarily intended for students with a Master’s or doctoral degree in the social sciences and humanities. Students with a different Master’s degree and good students with a B.A. degree may also apply, but are asked to write a research proposal as part of their application. In case of doubt, other applicants can be asked to hand in a research proposal as well. Also, the applicants can be advised to study certain literature or to follow a course before the start of the programme. All CMP candidates are required to show verifiable knowledge and experience in the areas of Latin American studies, and, upon admission, must have sufficient knowledge of English and Spanish (or possibly Portuguese) to be able to study the required literature and conduct fieldwork.

To apply 
When applying, make sure you send in the following documents: 
- A letter containing your motivation and research idea (in English)
- Curriculum vitae (in English)
- Copies of your university degrees and academic transcripts

Please find the guidelines for this proposal here

Candidates without an M.A. degree in one of the above mentioned fields should also include their Bachelor’s thesis and a research proposal. Please find the guidelines for this proposal here. When in doubt whether you are expected to hand in a research proposal, please contact the secretariat.

Admission is based on an intake interview. The CMP begins in the first week of September.

For any questions please contact: secretariat@cedla.nl or 020 525 2521.