CEDLA/UvA Master Latin American Studies > Tuition and Research Grant

Tuition for the entire course of study is € 3,500. Course fees for participation in the CEDLA’s Master Latin American Studies should be deposited before 1 August to account NL51INGB0004990722, registered to CEDLA in Amsterdam, indicating ‘MA tuition fee’ and the student’s name. The amount may also be paid in two installments. According to this option, the first installment of € 1,750 is due before 1 August and the second one before 1 December. 

Students are responsible for the cost of purchasing textbooks and/or copying materials and additional costs associated with their stay in Latin America. Depending on their personal status, students participating in the CEDLA’s Master Latin American Studies may be eligible for an OV-studentenkaart [valid on public transport] and/or a loan from DUO. However, as the programme is a post-initial Master’s programme, different rules may apply regarding this eligibility than with a regular Master’s programme. For more information, have a look at the DUO website. We always recommend students to contact DUO to inform what applies in their case. 

Students who successfully complete the first 40 ECTs of the total 75 ECTs within the required time limit may apply to CEDLA for a research grant of up to € 1,000 to meet costs during their research in Latin America.