Short video-interview with Derek Pardue (Aarhus University, Denmark)

Short video interview with Dr. Derek Pardue from Aarhus University, (Denmark) during his visit at CEDLA for his lecture:

25/11/16 Migrants and music: hip hop and rap in São Paulo
Since 2010 Brazil has reemerged as a destination for migrants and refugees. The major populations include individuals and families from Haiti, Syria, Colombia and a host of West African countries including Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Angola. The diversity and intensity of this migration boom is most visible in Brazil’s largest city of São Paulo.

In June of 2016 I helped organize an initial meeting involving the members of Surprise 69, a rap group composed of Haitian immigrants, and Z’Africa Family, a well-established hip hop group and neighborhood activist organization. The significance of this encounter is more than an opportunity for artists to exchange ideas, beats and stories. It speaks to the dynamic cultural geography of São Paulo and the contribution of immigration therein. In this talk, I analyze the Surprise-Z’Africa encounter using a theory of cultural occupation, thereby addressing the ever-increasing relationship between migration and the city.

*In cooperation with research programme: Transforming citizenship through hybrid governance: the impacts of public-private security assemblages (SECURCIT)