Entrevista con Cristián Cox en relación a su charla ofrecida el 23/02/17 en el CEDLA

Forming Future Citizens: Assessing ‘educación ciudadana’ in Latin America
Cristián Cox, UDP / Leiden University
Referent: Mieke Lopes Cardozo, GID & UvA

This lecture examined the relationships between school education and citizenship and democratic development in Latin America. The analysis is based on empirical evidence of a recent study about the values and concepts in the school curricula of Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico and Paraguay. It shows that the curricular contents of present schooling in the region is at fault regarding the preparation for democratic politics. This reflects a common pattern of focusing more on interpersonal and interactional dimensions of the ‘life with others’ (civil dimension), and not sufficiently foregrounding the relationships with the state and politics (civic dimension). The lecture presented and discussed the implications of this situation.