Rutgerd Boelens (CEDLA-UvA and Wageningen University) and Joyeeta Gupta (GPIO-UvA) visiting Pope Francis to discuss the Human Right to Water +INFO

Entrevista con Cristián Cox en relación a su charla ofrecida el pasado 23/02/17 en el CEDLA +INFO

Special Section: The Extractive Imperative in Latin America. Guest Edited by Murat Arsel, Barbara Hogenboom and Lorenzo Pellegrini
The Extractive Industries and Society 3:4, 2016 +INFO

Short video interview with Dr. Derek Pardue from Aarhus University, (Denmark) during his visit at CEDLA for the lecture Migrants and music: hip hop and rap in São Paulo

Short video-interview with Sara Koopman on the influence of sexism and racism in the peacebuilding process in Colombia.
A feminist political geographer, peace studies scholar, and Colombianist from the University of Tampere. +INFO

Interview with Dr. Christien Klaufus (CEDLA) about her participation in the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development: Habitat III to take place in Quito, Ecuador. +INFO

Recently, Dr. Renata Motta of Freie Universität Berlin held a lecture at CEDLA about Politics and resistance to genetically modified crops in Brazil and Argentina. We had the pleasure of interviewing her. +INFO