21/02/20 TWO CEDLA EVENTS

    15:30 Presentación Hallazgos de la Comisión de la Verdad en Bolivia
    Fernando Valdivia, Editor Responsable del Informe Final

    Esta exposición destaca los hallazgos más importantes de la Comisión de la Verdad en Bolivia y reflexiona sobre el trabajo de este tipo de órgano desde la experiencia boliviana. La comisión recopiló documentación y testimonios que resultaron en más de 6000 expedientes, con el objetivo de esclarecer las graves violaciones de derechos humanos durante las dictaduras militares entre 1964 y 1982. En ello sobresale la desclasificación de documentación militar y policial relacionada a esa época.




    16.30 CEDLA EXPO Opening 
    “Ink & Blood: Historical Solidarity with Latin America”

    Combining material from the collections of KADOC and its partner institutions, this exhibition offers a unique insight into a dynamic era of Belgian solidarity with Latin America. During the opening of the exhibition there will be a panel discussion on the faces of historical and contemporary European solidarity with Latin America, led by professor emeritus Michiel Baud, and followed by drinks.


    VENUE: CEDLA, Roeterstraat 33, Amsterdam, Lecture room 2.02 (second floor).
    REGISTRATION: These events are free and open for all to join!

    06/03/20 CEDLA LECTURE*

    How a Washington Assassination Brought Pinochet's Terror State to Justice
    Alan McPherson, Temple University
    * in collaboration with TNI

    On September 21, 1976, a car bomb killed Orlando Letelier, the former Chilean ambassador to the United States, along with his colleague Ronni Moffitt. The murder shocked the world, especially because of its setting – in the heart of Washington DC. Based on interviews from three continents, never-before-used documents, and recently declassified sources that conclude that Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet himself ordered the hit and then covered it up, Alan McPherson offers the full story of one of the Cold War’s most consequential assassinations. The Letelier car bomb forever changed counterterrorism and democracy. It also pointed to the underlying, century-long struggle between fascism and human rights in Latin America. In his lecture, Alan McPherson presents key findings of his latest book: Ghosts of Sheridan Circle (2019).

    TIME: 15:30h
    VENUE: CEDLA, Roeterstraat 33, Amsterdam, Lecture room 2.02 (second floor).
    REGISTRATION: This event is free and open for all to join!

    20/03/20 CEDLA LECTURE

    A bottom up revolution: women´s grassroots philanthropy in Latin America
    Florencia Roitstein & Andrés Thompson, ELLAS-CEDES, Buenos Aires

    We are in a critical moment in Latin American history. Women are leading a new wave of mobilization and philanthropy across Latin America, which started in 2015 with the historical ‘Ni una Menos’ march in Buenos Aires. Women feel more than ever motivated to share their stories about their role in social activism. They are finding and owning their voices and their lives, and are assuming their responsibility for a better future. These movements have been possible due to the massive ‘donations’ of time, skills, social capital and money of thousands of women - an engagement and commitment that contrasts with the lack of support of institutionalized philanthropy or corporate social programs. Women who once gave quietly are now coordinating protest, writing opinion pieces in social media, speaking publicly and organizing for real change. In this lecture, Florencia Roitstein and Andrés Thompson will present their new book with stories of 23 Latin American women who are great examples of community resource mobilization for social change: La rebelión de lo cotidiano. Mujeres generosas que cambian América Latina. The ebook can be downloaded free here

    TIME: 15:30h
    VENUE: CEDLA, Roeterstraat 33, Amsterdam, Lecture room 2.02 (second floor).
    REGISTRATION: This event is free and open for all to join!

    AMSTERDAM 17 - 18 April 2020

    Early bird registration: 15 November 2019 to 1 February 2020
    Late registration: 2 February to 1 March 2020

    SLAS 2020 will be an opportunity for explorations of any aspect of Latin American Studies, from any disciplinary and theoretical perspective. We have an optional conference theme that speakers are invited to address, which is: Mind the gap: Strengthening connections in Latin American Studies. The choice of topic comes from a need we feel to address the current climate of increasing exclusion and inequality, as well as antagonism and polarization (on a global scale), which have intensified different kinds of distances within and beyond the region. +INFO

    17/04/20 SLAS2020 keynote lecture

    Post-Development in Latin America
    Maristella Svampa, Universidad Nacional de la Plata

    Note: at 17:00 in REC-UvA A0.01

    08/05/20 CEDLA LECTURE

    Fifty public standpipes: Local politics and water struggles in Barranquilla, Colombia
    Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

    TIME: 15:30h
    VENUE: CEDLA, Roeterstraat 33, Amsterdam, Lecture room 2.02 (second floor).
    REGISTRATION: This event is free and open for all to join!