• 02/11/18 CEDLA LECTURE

  • From Partial to Full Conflict Theory: A Neo-Weberian Portrait of the Venezuela Crisis
    David Smilde, Tulane University and WOLA
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    Discussion of Venezuela during the twenty years of Chavismo has been dominated by pluralist versus neo-Marxist perspectives. The current deep crisis in the country has only deepened the contrasts in this debate. Each of these “partial” conflict theories provides incisive analytic tools but proves myopic in portraying the breadth and complexity of the conflict and crisis in Venezuela. David Smilde proposes a “full conflict theory” based on the Weberian ideas of multiple, conjunctural causation. Using the work of Michael Mann, he analyzes Venezuela during Chavismo in terms of constellations of power networks that support it versus constellations that oppose it. These constellations include multiple combination networks based on the four sources of ideological power: ideological, economic, political and military sources. This full conflict theory not only provides a better description of the conflict, it provides grounds for normative critique, keying in on the performance and inherent monopolistic tendencies of power networks.

    VENUE: CEDLA, Roetersstraat 33, Amsterdam - Lecture room 2.02 - 2nd floor
    TIME: 15:30h

  • 23/11/18 Valedictory lecture of Michiel Baud

  • Confianza: Governance and trust in Latin America and the Netherlands
    Michiel Baud, CEDLA-UvA
    The title of this lecture is 'Confianza: Governance and trust in Latin America and the Netherlands'. More about this lecture and the afternoon to be announced.

    VENUE: UvA Aula (Singel 411)
    Aula - Oude Lutherse kerk
    Singel 411 | 1012 XM Amsterdam

    TIME: 16:00h

  • 14/12/18 CEDLA LECTURE

  • Wall as Weapon: Infrastructure, Injury and Rescue on the US-Mexico Border
    Ieva Jusionyte, Harvard University

    Criminalization of immigration since the 1990s, aggravated by concerns with terrorism in the aftermath of 9/11, led the United States government to designate the border with Mexico as a source of threats and waging there what has been called “a low-intensity warfare.” The wall is a key component of what the Border Patrol calls “tactical infrastructure,” a weapon against those who try to cross into the United States without authorization. Based on ethnographic fieldwork with emergency responders on both sides of the border, where they rescue injured migrants as well as fight fires that know no political jurisdictions, this talk examines the negative effects of deploying both the built environment and the natural topography in the name of national security.

    VENUE: CEDLA, Roetersstraat 33, Amsterdam - Lecture room 2.02 - 2nd floor
    TIME: 15:30h

    Studying water as a transdisciplinary challenge: from environmental governance to knowledge and territorial politics

    January 24, 2019 – Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE)
    January 25, 2019 – CEDLA

    The objective of this workshop is to connect young researchers from different academic institutions in the Netherlands. The workshop is intended to provide a highly participatory and collective format with several parallel thematic master classes.
    Registration – If you are interested to participate to the workshop, please send an abstract (200 words max.) before September 15, 2018. +INFO