CEDLA Latin America Studies (CLAS) book series: CLAS booklist and Backlist

The CLAS book series consists of more than 100 titles and has, through the years, made a considerable contribution to the publication and distribution of social science and historiographical research by Latin Americanists in Europe and the Americas. The CLAS series consists of monographs and readers in English.

The objective of the CLAS series is to publish the results of original research on Latin America in the fields of the social sciences, understood in a broad sense, including history, economy and geography. The series is directed toward an academic readership, but also aims to reach a larger public of students and informed readers.

Authors/editors interested in submitting a manuscript may first like to consider our requirements, and then request a prospectus from Kathleen Willingham, Desk Editor.

From 2010, CLAS 98, ours series is published by Berghahn Books, New York and Oxford.

The CLAS booklist (2000-present) is in order of the most recent. The backlist of CLAS books is given from CLAS 85 (published in 1999) to CLAS 29 (1985).

From 2006 to 2009, CLAS titles 94 to 97, our series was published by BRILL, Leiden, and distributed by Turpin Distribution and Customer Services Ltd.

Any inquiries or orders for books may be sent to CEDLApublications@cedla.nl. We will forward your order for you, if you wish. Please note that prices do not include handling costs.

CLAS Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Michiel Baud (Chair), CEDLA, Amsterdam
Professor Anthony Bebbington, Clark University
Dr Edward F. Fischer, Vanderbilt University
Dr Anthony L. Hall, London School of Economics and Political Science
Dr Barbara Hogenboom, CEDLA, Amsterdam
Prof. Dr. Barbara Potthast, Universität zu Köln
Dr Rachel Sieder, CIESAS, México D.F.
Professor G. Eduardo Silva, Tulane University
Prof. Dr. Patricio Silva, Universiteit Leiden