All you need to know about the CEDLA Library

The Library has an extensive collection covering the social sciences, economy and history of Latin America. The collection consists of books, magazines, and daily, weekly and monthly magazines and journals from various Latin American countries. Also available for reference are cd-roms, microfiches and microfilms. All the CEDLA magazines and journals are stored in a digital database, which can be accessed from CEDLA. The whole collection can be searched through the central catalogue of the UvA (University of Amsterdam). There are also facilities for reading, studying, and making photocopies.

Everything about membership, borrowing, requests, renewals

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Library card

UvA and HvA students do not need a separate library card. The student card is also valid as a library pass. UvA and HvA staff may obtain a free library card from any UvA library on showing a recent pay slip and a valid ID. Others may obtain a library card at the circulation desk of any UvA library. You must be over 18 (university students excepted) and have a permanent address in the Netherlands for at least 3 months. You must have a valid ID, such as

  • passport
  • Dutch driver´s licence
  • municipal identity card
  • student card (plus photo) of a Dutch university
  • Dutch resident's permit
  • European Union ID

The card is free for

  • students and staff of Dutch universities
  • staff of the Royal Library and the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences
  • alumni members of the AUV

on showing a valid student card, a recent pay slip, or a valid AUV alumni card. A library card is € 25.00 per year.

If you wish to borrow from different libraries in Amsterdam, it may be advantageous to buy an AdamNet card for € 35.00 per year. This card entitles you to a free library card from the UvA library, the Public Library Amsterdam, the VU Library, the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, the Library Hogeschool INHOLLAND Amsterdam/Diemen, and the libraries of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. New libraries are continually joining the AdamNet. The costs for replacing a lost library card are  € 5.00, replacing an AdamNet card is € 4.50. If you can show a police registration of theft of your library card, the replacement card is free. If you are a member of another Dutch library and are interested in a publication from the UvA collections, you can hand in an ILL (Interlibrary Loan) request at your own library.

Maximum number of loans

The maximum number of books you may borrow is 50. If you need to borrow more books, you can ask for special permission to do so. Please, send a reasoned request to

Hold period for requested publications

Requested publications are held for 7 days. In this period you may check out the publication at the circulation desk of the library concerned. In libraries where the collection is meant to be consulted within the library and for publications which have a restricted loan period of 1 day only, publications are held for 1 day only. After this day your request is cancelled.

Fines and blockades

As of 6 September 2010, the University Library and Library of the HvA have the following regulations for overdue items. In this way we hope to improve the availability of our collections for all of our patrons. When the fixed loan period is exceeded, a fine will be charged for each overdue item. The charges are determined by the librarian. Three days before the due date you will receive a request to extend the loan period or to return your loan.

From the expiry date of the loan we will be sending claims:

  • day 1: no fine yet, extension is still possible (1st claim)
  • day 7: fine € 1, extension is still possible (2nd claim)
  • day 14: fine € 4, extension is still possible (3rd claim)
  • day 28: fine € 10, extension is not possible (4th claim).

The fines are per volume and are accumulative: after 28 days you have accrued a fine of € 15 per volume.

Day 56:  you receive an invoice for replacement costs with a minimum of € 75 per volume. If you return the loan, the replacement costs are cancelled, but not the fine. If you do not pay the invoice, a debt-collecting agency will be called in.

The above schedule holds only for publications with a loan period of 14 or 28 days. For publications with a loan period of 1, 2 or 7 days and for Interlibrary Loans claims will be sent on the 1st, 4th, 7th and 14th day after expiry of the loan period. The invoice will be sent on day 42.

Publications with a loan period of 1 or 2 days cannot be extended.

The loan period of Interlibrary Loans cannot be extended via the UvA catalogue. A request may be sent before the loan period has expired by e-mail to We will then contact the supplying library to see if an extension is possible. In principle, claims and other messages will be sent by e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail address, you will receive the claims by ordinary post. No rights can be derived from not having received a claim. Fines are not cancelled when a loan is returned. When you have a fine of € 15 or more, you can no longer borrow publications or extend other loans. This suspension is cancelled on payment of the fine.

Fines may be paid at the library desk of any UvA library. In the CEDLA Library you can not pay by PIN or chip, only cash payments are possible.


UBA book depot IWO (CEDLA books with this kind of call number "CEDLA CXX-XXXX")

Part of the UvA collections, among which the journal and newspaper collections, are housed in the UBA book depot IWO in Amsterdam Zuidoost. There is a reading room where publications may be consulted, as well as a photocopier. Publications may requested from the depot via the catalogue. Publications for use within the library only, can be collected from the Red circulation room in the University Library Reference Centre the following working day after 13.00. Publications which may be borrowed, can be sent to a UvA library of your choice, and are available within max. 36 hours.

Loan period and renewal

The standard loan period is 28 days. Provided the publication has not been requested by someone else, the loan period may be renewed via My account in the catalogue.

It is not possible to renew loans by telephone.

Special short-term loan periods are:

  • use within library: 1 day (the publication must be returned on the same day before closing time)
  • short-term loan: 7 days (collections with set texts for exams)


When publications are lent out an online reservation can be made. Upon return of the book(s) an e-mail or written message is sent. It is possible to check your borrower info for availability of the book(s) on reserve. Reseverd publications stay on resevere fot 10 days. During this period, the book(s) can be collected from the Circulation Desk of the library in question. At presentation libraries (which are libraries of which the collection is mainly for consultation or research perposes) and for books on provisional loan, the reserve is one day only. After this day, the reservation expires.

Not available for loan

Some types of publication cannot be borrowed, but must be used within the library, such as:

  • journals and newspapers
  • books over 100 years old
  • reference works
  • publications in reading rooms
  • rare and valuable books

Publications which may not be borrowed, must be consulted in the library. In the University Library you can study them in the reading rooms, or (in the case of fragile and rare material and in case of an exceptionally large number of publications) in the Reference Centre.Publications from before 1900, manuscripts, letters, and special editions can be requested via the catalogue and consulted in the Special Collections library.

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