Special Collections: Microfiche collection

The CEDLA microfiche collection consists of some 20.000 microfiches. these microfiches contain primary sources relating to Latin America. there are, for example, microfiches that contain statistical information from national banks and governments, or political pamphlets from several countries. Also, there is information relating to agricultural development and human rights. The library has descriptive catalogues of all the collections.

The library offers a facility to view, study and copy microfilm and microfiche material.

Below you will find a survey of all microfiche collections in the CEDLA library (in alfabetical order)

  • Amnesty international 1962-1990
  • Adaptive agricultural research project, 1981-1985: The Dominican Republic
  • Archive of the fourth Russell Tribunal
  • The Cuban missile crisis 1962
  • El Salvador: the making of U.S. policy 1977-1984
  • Human Rights Documents International law: Latin America
  • Latin American political pamphlets Yale university
  • Nicaragua: the making of U.S. policy 1978-1990
  • Peron era political pamphlets and monographs
  • World Wildlife Fund for Nature: a selection of unpublished WWF reports on microfiche

Microfilm collection

The CEDLA library also possesses some 3500 microfilms.These microfilms contain unique material relating to, for example, diplomacy, history, politics, economy and society. There are several collections containing documents from the United States Department of State relating to Latin America. Most of these documents have not been published on paper. Catalogues of the mircofilm collections can be referred to in the library.

The library offers a facility to view, study and copy material on microfilm and microfiche
A survey of the microfilmcollections in the CEDLA library is given below (in alfabetical order):

  • Argentina 1914-1918: U.S. military intelligence reports (4 films)
  • The Bexar archives, 1717-1836 (198 films)
  • Collecion de documentos para la historia de la guerra de independencia de Mexico (2 films)

  • Confidential U.S. Diplomatic Post records:
  • Central America, El Salvador 1930-1945 (28 films)
    Central America, Honduras 1930-1945 (42 films)
    Central America, Cuba 1930-1945 Part I-II (123 films)
    Central America, Nicaragua 1930-’45 (38 films)
  • Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files:
    Cuba, internal and foreign affairs 1945-‘49 /1950-‘54/ 1955-‘59 (106 films)
    Nicaragua, internal and foreign affairs 1955-‘59 (32 films)
    Honduras, internal and foreign affairs 1945-‘49/ 1950-‘54/ 1950-‘59 (31 films)
    Panama, internal and foreign affairs 1930-‘39/1940-‘44/1945-’49 (26 films)
    El Salvador, internal and foreign affairs 1945-‘49/ 1950-‘54/ 1955-‘59 (28 films)
    Mexico, internal and foreign affairs 1940-‘44/ 1950-‘54/1945-’49/ 1955-’59 (182 films)
    Argentina, 1945-‘49/ 1949-‘50/ 1950-‘54 (86 films)
    Argentina, internal and foreign affairs 1955-’59 (28 films)

  • Crisis in Panama and the Dominican Republic: National security files and NSC histories (8 films)
  • The Diplomatic papers of John Moors Cabot (5 films)
  • Documentos inéditos y muy raros para la historia de Mexico (21 films)
  • Documentos historicos de Mexico (4 films)
  • Documentos para la historia de Mexico (2 films)
  • The John F. Kennedy National Security Files (10 films)
  • Latin America, 1946-’76: CIA research reports (5 films)
  • Latin America Special studies, 1962-’80, 1980-’82, 1982-’85, 1985-’89, 1989-’91, 1992-’94 (60 films) The Lyndon B. Johnson national security files (13 films)
  • Mexico: British foreign office general correspondence 1919-1956 (135 films)
  • National Archives Microfilm Publications; (±1850 films)
  • Princeton University Latin America Microfilm Collection (430 films)
  • (This collection covers a broad area of information about Latin America and the Carribean, in the field of politics, economics, culture and society, women in Latin America, human richts, law, agriculture and religion)
  • Records of the US Department of State relating to political relations between US and Latin American and Caribbean states 1930-’44 (47 films)
  • State Department intelligence and research reports: Latin America 1941-1961 (3 films)
  • United States Military intelligence reports: Mexico 1919-1941 (9 films)
  • Military Intelligence Reports Mexico 1919-1941
  • Mexico Internal Affairs Part I
  • Mexico Internal Affairs Part II
  • Collection de documentos para la historia de la guerra de independencia de Mexico (2 films), Hernandez y Davaloz
  • A11-2 60.3261.HE
  • Documentos historicos de Mexico (4 films) A11
  • Documentos para la historia de Mexico (2 films) D1-1 60.3260.MA, A11-4 64.3224.PA
  • Gescande documenten